We are pleased to announce Thursday Plenary Speaker Anjali Fulambarker, PhD, MSW

Plenary Presentation:In Pursuit of Justice Forensic social workers are in a unique position to work both within and across fields to provide empowering services while also seeking social change. This plenary will explore experiences and insights from collaborative research with law enforcement and strategies for effective partnerships that are grounded in the social work mandate […]

Opportunity for Authorship

Opportunity for Authorship:NOFWS was recently approached with an opportunity for authorship for its members in the series tentatively titled Dangerous Behaviors in Clinical and Forensic Psychology. This series consists of the following topics: intimate partner violence, predatory violence, affective violence, sexual deviance, psychopathy, suicidality and self-injury, and harassment and bullying. Each volume explores topics such […]

We are pleased to announce as the 2019 NOFSW Conference Opening Plenary Speaker: Barbara Buckley, JD

Opening Plenary Forensic Social Work: Changing Lives and Outcomes in our Communities Barbara Buckley will discuss how forensic social workers and lawyers can work together to change lives and outcomes in our communities. The discussion will include examples of social workers and attorneys working together on individual cases and public policy to effectuate lasting change. […]