We are pleased to announce Thursday Plenary Speaker Anjali Fulambarker, PhD, MSW

Plenary Presentation:In Pursuit of Justice
Forensic social workers are in a unique position to work both within and across fields to provide empowering services while also seeking social change. This plenary will explore experiences and insights from collaborative research with law enforcement and strategies for effective partnerships that are grounded in the social work mandate to pursue social justice.

Dr. Anjali Fulambarker is an Assistant Professor at Simmons School of Social Work. Her research focuses on understanding the criminal legal system response to intimate partner violence, specifically the response and decision-making of law enforcement officers. The overall aim of this research is to improve short and long-term outcomes for survivors. She currently teaches Human Behavior and the Social Environment and Realities of Racism and Oppression. Anjali completed her PhD at the University of Illinois at Chicago and her MSW at Washington University in St. Louis.