October 23, 2012 Webinar Announced




This National Organization of Forensic Social Work (NOFSW) webinar entitled, The Media, Delinquency & the Role of the Forensic Social Worker in the 21st century addresses the growing and continued influence of the media and popular culture on adolescents, delinquency and continued criminality. In looking at how the developmental process has shifted in the last 20 years, juveniles today are being heavily socialized by various media outlets such as music, videos, movies, and social networking. The adolescent bully has shifted from locker-room and schoolyard brawls, to cyber threats and sexting.  The amount of pressure for adolescents to “fit in” has increased dramatically since the days of parents guiding their children to stay away from negative peers.  Such behaviors have not only influenced lower socioeconomic, inner city youth; which is a popular philosophical approach, but it expands all racial, ethnic and economic levels.   This webinar reviews and highlights how the various media outlets influence adolescents, particularly into possible delinquency; but more importantly, the role that Forensic Social Worker’s play in addressing this demographic.

Objectives: The overall objective is to: (1) increase participants understanding of how juveniles embrace and embody media outlets, (2) to provide participants with empirical research showing patterns of delinquency correlated to media exposure, and (3) to expand on the ever evolving role of the Forensic Social Worker, and the importance of meeting this demographic where they are, in order to implement appropriate interventions.

Presenter: Jack S. Monell, PhD, LGSW, ACSW; Assistant Professor of Justice Studies, Winston Salem State University, Councilor of National Organization of Forensic Social Work

Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time: 12:30 pm-2:15 pm

Webinar Link: Click here

CEU Credits: 1.5

NOFSW Contact Information: For more information about NOFSW and the 30th annual conference, please visit our web site at www.nofsw.org or contact our Executive Director, Paul Brady pbrady@nofsw.org or Jack Monell at monelljs@wssu.edu