2017 NOFSW Conference Call for Abstracts

Social Justice Rising

In the United States, and all across the globe, socio-cultural changes are fundamentally altering how people and communities connect to each other to share, discuss, and address social problems, and momentum is growing.  Most specifically, everyday citizens are calling for collective action to address social justice issues that differentially impact our most marginalized citizens…and ALL of us.  For forensic social workers these issues are not new, but the growing call for action to support social justice initiatives is greater than ever.

Join us at the 2017 NOFSW Conference – Social Justice Rising – to explore how we, as forensic social workers, can harness this momentum to lead our communities toward real systemic change.

Conferences attendees will increase their knowledge, values, and skills for working with forensic populations in healthcare, social service, and legal settings, including the courts and corrections.

2017 NOFSW Call for Abstracts Submission Form