2016 NOFSW Conference


Take a Courageous Step Toward Change at The 2016 NOFSW Annual Conference

It takes courage to build interdisciplinary bridges that link the past and present to the future. The nexus between social work and the law is one such bridge, a connection between the state of social justice now and what it could be.  At the forefront of social change for children, families, older adults and communities, in criminal and civil law contexts, is forensic social work.  In direct practice settings as well as leading macro level initiatives, culturally competent and ethical forensic practice serves as a model for the kind of change that lies at the heart of what EVERY forensic practitioner aspires to and forms the foundation of what we value.

Forensic social work in one way or another, touches all practitioners, whether in school, medical, human service, or legal settings.  The social, political, and policy factors that impact our work do not limit themselves to correctional settings or domestic courts.  Rather, the courage to stand up for human and civil rights, advocate for court-connected persons, initiate a movement to alter current inequities, serve those at risk of abuse and neglect, and the dozens of other functions of forensic social worker permeates the fabric of our society and therefore, our field.

Take a courageous step toward change at the 2016 NOFSW Annual Conference.  This year’s conference will explore the courage already displayed as well as needed in the future to advance just and anti-racist individual, organizational, and systemic change. Conferences attendees will increase their knowledge, values, and skills for working with forensic populations in healthcare, social service, and legal settings, including the courts and corrections.

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