NOFSW announces a new partnership with Prof2Prof!

NOFSW is excited to announce a new partnership with, an on-line ecosystem that seeks to connect higher education instructors, researchers, and practitioners in order to advance knowledge and generate collaborations across these groups.  On a side note, the platform was created by a social worker.
If you are a higher education professional, you can join Prof2Prof for free.  If you are not professionally affiliated with a college or university but are a member of NOFSW, you are encouraged to join as an affiliate member, using the code supplied with your NOFSW membership confirmation.  Your Prof2Prof membership runs through the end of December, 2018, and will be continued in 2019 with the renewal of your NOFSW membership.
What are the advantages of being a Prof2Prof member?  Higher education and affiliate members of Prof2Prof may create profile pages on the site that can be used to highlight areas of expertise and promote professional services.  Members can also share resources (e.g., reports, website links, presentations), and search for resources relevant to their fields and disciplines.  Members can also collaborate on projects within group workspaces.  NOFSW also has an organizational profile on the Prof2Prof site.  If you follow our profile, you will receive regular email notifications about news and events, and forensic social work resources.
We hope that you will take advantage of this exciting new resource.  We believe in the synergy between research, teaching and practice, and Prof2Prof offers an excellent opportunity to advance the knowledge base of our field by realizing this synergy.  If you have questions about this new benefit, please contact Jim Campbell at    If you have questions about the Prof2Prof platform, please email Kristen Slack, Prof2Prof Founder, at